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Subject: I recommend APRSISMO by KJ4ERJ


I recommend APRSISMO for Android devices. It is written by the author of APRSIS32, a Windows APRS client. It will take your internal gps location and send it out to the APRSIS network and take in position reports from APRSIS up to a configurable radius.

It uses Open Street Maps and saves them to your local storage on the device. If you have a uSDHC chip, it can store them there. Since it stores the map files, you can load them prior to a trip using your home Internet connection and use them on the road without using up your data plan allotment. And, reuse them in the future. (I like to download Zoom levels 12 through 14 before hitting the road.) Of course, if you need more detail, the app will automatically download the necessary map tiles on-the-fly as needed.

For County Hunters, starting at Zoom 12 the county lines are displayed on the map. At Zoom 16, they are identified by name on both sides of the county line.

APRSISMO is not available from the Google App store. You have to download it and install it manually. The app can be found at:

To install the app, in your device you will need to turn off the setting that only allows you to install apps from the Google App store. When you are finished installing APRSISMO, you can turn that setting back on.

Try it! You will like it! Did I mention that it is Free?

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