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Subject: As usual a good read Bob. I like the accounts of your trips, they remind me of the

Message: many trips I took over 30 years in the Big Rig. I like your account of flats but you have a lot more then I ever did. I had two blow outs and no flats. Both blow outs happened at inconvenient times. One while a Iowa Department of Transportation Enforcement Officer was passing me on I-35 in southern Iowa about one-half mile from the weigh station, and when the tire blow it broke a stainless steel fender off and that went right down the middle ofthe road and passed both of us and we were going 65 MPH. Needless to say, I got called into the scale house for an explanation, he thought he got shot at. The second one was a lot more damaging. It happened in Topeka KS and destroyed a new Buick. She was following way too close and when the tire blow it bounced up on the hood of the car and crushed the hood and broke the windshield and then it bounced off and hit the driver door post hard enough to break the post and it destroyed the door and rear fender. The car had 7 miles onit, brand new.

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