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Subject: Trip to NJ sometime after 6/6... (more)

Message: I will be taking Connie up to NJ for her annual "help with ma" time. The route will be the usual "green stamp": I81 to I64 to US15 to VA20 to VA3 to US301 (with the diversion through St. Mary's and Calvert, MD) to I295 in NJ. Because this is a 14 hour trip, I'm not planning to run anything except maybe Kent and Cecil, MD (on US301). I will be running CW only (too much crap floating around on the Forum about SSB operation). I will be "burping" WA4UNS-9 on APRS. Return trip will be two or three days later. Reverse route until US15. I will take US15 south to US60 across to I81 at Lexington, VA. I may run a couple of counties for MP.

If I stop to run, I will run 40/30/20M CW (I'll try to do it in that order even though I will be monitoring 30M all other times.

I make NO apologies for this operation... I'm very tired of the inane diatribe about SSB (this is one of a number of reasons why I'm backing away from CHing... if this keeps you from working me... oh well... deal with it among yourselves). I'm NOT going to list the counties here... check your Rand-McNally.

Call: WA4UNS 6/4/2018

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