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Subject: On Memorial Day I tried to put Asotin, WA on the air and bad band conditions, ask

Message: for relays and no response and then in Wallowa,OR on one band worked a few and ask for relays and no one jumped in an helped. So I just turned the radio off and spent the rest of the day sight seeing. A few days later I ran the county line of Columbia/Garfield, WA, 14.336 had a net control so I checked in and ran the C/L and got relays. Went to other bands and on 20CW and 30CW K0DEQ jumped in and did relays. I will only call a few times on a freq and if no one answers, I hit the off button and do something else. If a net is running on 14.336 and I don't give a damn who the net-control is I'll run there. I tried to run counties in SW FL twice this last winter and no help so the antennas went in the trunk and used my gas for other things. Out here in the PNW with bad band conditions and no internet available forget it. When traveling cross-country due to the lack of help I don't pull into rest-areas or turn outs to get out of the motor home and get in the car and put the counties out for one simple reason bad band conditions and the lack of help. I THINK it is time for people to quick thinking just of themselves and help our fellow hams. It doesn't due the hobby any good to hold grudges. It time to remember due unto others and you would like them to due unto you. I've been countyhunting since 6/1977 and this bitching about so and so has almost convinced me to throw my KS 480HX in the garbage can.

Call: W7FEN 6/10/2018

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