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Subject: that was intentional interference on 319 on top of rons run rabun, ga.. i was unable to work

Message: if it wasn't for spotting us people that cant drive would never find a mobile..or get an award. I drove over 250000 miles and put out almost 1700 counties so I know both a wheel chair its a lot harder!! I didnt realize that when I was running years ago. I actually said once. why dont some of these guys get out and run?? I found out later from Jim what people are dealing with. Many are no longer with us. I miss may of them friends..Joe for sure. Anyway intentional interference hurts the guy running and the guy trying to get the county.luckily I got him on 40m Thanks Ron. I said I was going to work on this mobile diamond and try to get it before Im 75... may happen! 169 to go.My wheel chair wont run maximum from the living room to the radio room, barely goes through the doorways. Spots help me out. thanks to the mobilers

Call: KM9X 6/11/2018

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