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Subject: As always in ham radio any frequency can become bu...

Message: As always in ham radio any frequency can become busy. Thousands of us share the same spectrum. No frequency is owned by anyone. The only way to “hold” a frequency is to have a long list if mobiles lined up. One NCS, as rare as those volunteers are, cant and shouldn’t attempt to run off anyone who tries to use a frequency when nothing is going on. these times with terrible propogation and very few mobiles it is hard to pull off holding any net frequency. Most mobiles now spot themselves which is a tremendous help. Technology makes it very easy to do. So what does it matrer what frequency they spot themselves on? As long as the mobile finds a clear frequency for him/her then its a good frequency. Unfortunately, sometimes the mobile then gets interference from a station that he/she cant hear but we can. It’s the nature if 20 meters. Instead of complaining that everyone doesn't use 14336, lets just all be glad we have hard working mobiles that take the time to spot themselves and help them with relays any chance we get.

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