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Subject: Disorganized trip

Message: The trip from IL to WA has been fraught with issues. None fatal (to persons or pets). Left home on Sunday, got 70 miles and the transmission went out on the van. Towed to repair, got ride home, started Monday with alternate vehicle. Melba insisted we should have the radio (that's what YL's are for, right?). Got power and antennas for the Buick, stopped at repair place and took everything out of the van except the spare tire. So far, so good. However, I have an issue with the power plug on the radio (I think). It just randomly loses power and sometimes comes back by itself (?) and sometimes with manipulation. If I disappear (sorry, K2HVN, N2IGW, NF0N and others) that's what happened. Also, a quick braking caused the paddles to fly off the seat and come apart. Repair was accomplished but not without ungentlemanly commentary. The tall mast works a lot better than the short one, but only one resonator at a time and not very convenient to stop and swap on Interstate. We are in Adams WA tonight and will continue to try to run some counties. Thanks for the calls! de N9JF and KB9CES (and Ringo the RF Duck)

Call: N9JF 6/27/2018

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