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Subject: One of the laatest scams... (more)

Message: I received a call on my cellphone recently that appeared to be originating from a local cellphone. It was from "Warranty Services" supposed located in California. This warranty service was for my CREDIT CARDS. When I asked which card service he was calling from... he hung up on me. Doing a bit of reverse directory research... I determined that this local cellphone number had been "portabled" to Oregon through a west coast cellphone provider.

Anyway... the upshot... take the time to file a complaint with the FTC. Also... unless you REALLY like getting this sort of call... register ALL your telephone numbers on the DO NOT CALL list at FTC. When a complaint is filed... the FIRST question asked is if your number is registered on the DO NO CALL list.

Usually, I ignore any number I do not recognized but lately I've been getting calls from Medicare Supplemental policy telemarketers asking for my LATE wife (Sue KB2RJO) since she would be Medicare eligible this year. She died 15 years ago... so I'm getting VERY annoyed. These callers also get reported to the FTC.

I not sure what the FTC does with these complaints... but if complaints are not filed... then for sure NOTHING will be done.

Call: WA4UNS 6/30/2018

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