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Subject: I have had good success

Message: selling a load of stuff on QRZ ..since relocating to a much smaller house on 1/4 acre I have yet to even try to set up a new ham shack... with propogation such as it is and the hobby eroding as it has, I just do not seem to have the great desire to again spend the bucks and time to become "radio-active". I have reserved my benchers and my 2 radios plus a set of mobile antennas and resonators in storage in case the urge hits again..... but if not there in the next 6 months will sell off the rest... a 756 Pro II and a 7100 I just returned from a 28 day 6,000 mile trip into Maritime Canada without a radio..... gotta admit, it was a nice trip even without wistfully passing some very nice CL along the way.

Call: KA3DRO 6/30/2018

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