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Subject: This is a very good question... (more)

Message: My rule of thumb... if I'm in the shack (and usually listening to 30M) I will watch the spotting site. I will also listen for other stations working the mobile. If I do NOT hear anyone working the mobile... I will try to work the mobile so he/she gets at least one contact (that's usually all that the mobile needs unless working for Mobile Diamond). If I don't see a spot... I will spot the mobile... if another spotter "shows up" I will delete my spot. Otherwise it stays... and sometimes I hear stations calling the mobile.

The bottom line... the mobile NEEDS a contact. As a mobile... I GREATLY appreciated a contact. I'm done as far as further awards are concerned. This will mean an extreme slowing down of my mobile activity. IF I'm making a trip (usually to NJ for Connie's family)... I MIGHT check the NEEDS page. I MAY contact a station with a posted need. However, I MAY post on the Forum of such a trip with a ROUTE description. My NJ route, even through St. Mary's and Calvert counties in MD, has apparently become a GREEN STAMP route. Why do I NOT list the counties anymore???? It is apparent to me that most of county hunting has become a slave to what I call "the LOGGER ALERT". No more need to sit by the radio. It's somewhat apparent to me that county hunters have lost the ability or desire to read a map and determine what counties my route will go through... SAD!!! Just a reminder... the operative word is HUNTING. An effort on the part of stations needing counties is necessary. (My two cents worth)

Call: WA4UNS 7/2/2018

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