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Subject: Number of contacts isnít the only thing (more)

Message: I hear the same reaponse all the time, why work someone if you donít need the county!!! The mobile may need you and a lot of times needs a specific contact, like I need one from someone who has received platinum. When we ran the central part of Calif.I didnít get credit for 8 counties for either not enough contacts or no contact from someone with platinum. Itís extremely irritaing when youíve finally gotten to a county off the beaten path & NO cell coverage. Most of the time, IF anyone monitors, itís only if THEY need the county. So now what do you do? NO ONE monitors, NO cell coverage so NO spot, for SSB only mobiles like us equals NO contacts on occassion & no credit for running the county!

Iím speaking from SSB only. If I went to cw I could probably get a contact but since I have been asked to not run on cw net freq Iím in the same boat.

Great question Brent, thanks for bring it up. With that, Iíll get off my soapbox! 73/88

Call: AB7NK 7/2/2018

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