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Subject: A heads up for pending trip by K7ii

Message: Chris, K7II, a long time friend here in Snohomish WA contacted me for info on running counties. He is going to Charleston SC to help one of his kids move to OR. I walked him through web sites, freqs, and procedures this afternoon. Also supplied him with a few coils and mobile hardware to take with him on flight to SC. Now the plan: start from Charleston 7/16 and projects 5-7 days to Portland OR. Hopes to use interstates with no side trips. Exact route not set yet. He plans CW only on 80, 40, 30 (maybe), 20, 17 (maybe). Last time he operated /M was in early 70's in the old WA QSO party (pre Salmon Run) so help him if you can. He should post trip later this week when has more of idea on route.

Call: KC7YE 7/3/2018

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