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Subject: Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT.....

Message: You reap what you sow..... I just completed a 5,987 mile car trip from Florida thru Ocean City, Md..... to Cape Cod... thru Maine to Calais and into the Maritimes of Nova Scotia and PEI.... returned via Maine, Mass.....NY and Corning area... down thru Central Pa and WV to Florida... and for the first time since late 70's.... NO RADIO. Reason was simple... over so many years, I tried to run counties and got nothing but obstruction by Jim and Percy.... with no support from either MARAC or most CH'ers. because they were afraid they might be placed on a "ban list"..... well, I along with a bunch of other formerly active road runners decided that it was a waste of time and effort to supply contacts to a group that basically would not support us..... my almost new '17 Explorer does not even have a radio installed. I passed by many an attractive CL.... thought about it.... but have no regrets..... and it appears that I am not the only one as there are few old timers who are still active... yet are alive and kicking. You allowed Jim to get away with his devisive activities and now there are no contacts.... that's the price that's being paid. I am sorry the hobby I enjoyed for so many years had dropped to this level..... but the warnings were out there by the Black Sheep group and too many people, including officers, were afraid to act..... I imagine I will receive a few flames from this statement..... but have had them before.... I just wonder how many out there might agree with my observations.

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