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Subject: on another note... I drove for the first time today...

Message: since Oct 2016. My prosthetic fell off entering a highway intersection and could not apply the brake, grandson in the car.. never drove again... AFIB attack on fathers day 2017 put me in hospital, part of the other foot removed, surgeries on colon, stuff found after I was put in,nad then nursing homes, and another AFIB soon it was Christmas... I lost 140 pounds while in the hospital, nothing to eat for a month, was so happy the first day of chicken broth.. Had a new prosthetic made and fits tighter..I have successfully stayed out f the hospital all this year, got into the passenger side of the car a month ago without a slide board and yesterday I tried to drive, did a lot of backing and up and down the driveway and finally went down the county road to a church parking lot and back. It's a long way from running a county but... I know most of you wont care but I still have friends in CHing that read this forum.. still working on Mobile Diamond, Judy still busy running our store.. 73 to all.

Call: KM9X 7/8/2018

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