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Subject: When I started maintaining the Top List in January 2016 (more)

Message: Scottie had already achieved 3077 on both 20m and 40m in the Mixed and CW modes and on 40m in the Phone modes. His total on 20m in the Phone modes was at 3075. At that time, his most recent contact totals submission was from October 26, 2014.

So sometime between then and when he submitted his contact totals the next time on February 29, 2016 he had achieved 3077 on 20m in the Phone modes, which was first indicated in the Top List posting of March, 2016.

These were extraordinary accomplishments and to this day, he holds the Top spot on 40m in all three of the Mixed, CW and Phone modes categories!

Call: K2MF 7/10/2018

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