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Subject: Bitchin' time... last counties... (more)

Message: First... congratulations (again) to all the MOBILES who advanced to new Last County levels.

Now... I keep hearing (seeing on the Forum) county hunters 'mentioning' the lack of mobiles and the ever increasing 'no mobile' days. I agree... there is a dearth of mobiles... and when there are mobiles... it seems to be the same 'dependables".

So here's my 'bitch'. I reached my goal of 5 times around and at least ONE Bingo. Along the way... I got two more Bingos, Five Star, Masters Gold, and ALL CW. As a result... I'm no longer actively pursuing additional awards. I continue to listen and will work any station I need. But, I'm no longer planning 'out of the way' mobile trips. So now I'm chasing LAST COUNTIES. There are NOT a lot of mobiles here in NW North Carolina that run counties. However, I DO check the Needs Page to see if counties in my area are needed or counties in NJ around Burlington might be needed. If so... I try to allot time to maybe go to one or two and post the trip information.

Due to past history... I've decided that CW will be my mode(us operandi) as I'm more likely to get someone to respond on CW if I call "CHN". But, if requested ahead of time, I will go to SSB, especially with the [weak] promise of a L/C or two.

So here's my point... if a promise of a last county is mentioned... PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH after you make the contact. Otherwise, I will do CW only... and I'm NOT a CW man... but I DO get more satisfaction on CW. Do NOT p..s off the mobile(s). The dearth MAY get even less.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. BTW... if you NEED Watauga, NC... e-mail me. I'll give it to you FIXED or MOBILE.

Call: WA4UNS 8/30/2018

Email direct response to

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