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Subject: Hello all. I am new to the Board after some of the departures. Here is my take on things (more)

Message: I have had my share of disagreements with a number of people in this group but I also believe it is much easier to tear down than build up. It is time to move forward. I am very busy in retirement like most people are but have decided that it was worthwhile to step into the VP role when asked, even though the majority of people voted for someone else when I ran.

It is time to move forward instead of always looking backward. If we don't, I believe this organization will be just a memory in a few years. Even though I don't have USACA and have few benefits from being a part of this organization, I began my membership back in the 80's and renewed it when I renewed my interest in ham radio about five years ago.

We need to have a serious discussion about how to rejuvenate ourselves to provide benefits and support to people just starting out as well as continuing to support those who helped this organization grow over the past decades. We need to find innovative and up to date ways of reaching people and the leadership must be very open in their actions and receptive to input from others, even those who may not be part of MARAC.

So it is time to learn from history but come together and work as an organization to return this to the thriving program that it was. Find new ways to get people into the whole concept of county hunting. Find new ways to involve them instead of looking at them as "newbies who know nothing" (yes I was called that via email just last year by a member-even though I bean running counties in the mid-80's and yes I still work that person when they call me on the air).

Negativity kills programs. Working together and finding new ways to function can carry MARAC and County Hunting into the future.

I will be open to continuing this conversation with people in Kansas City as face to face is a much better way to communicate. Looking forward to progress and innovation. KA2LHO

Call: KA2LHO 9/20/2018

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