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Subject: Winner of County Hunter of the Year Award - CW for 2018 (more)

Message: I was very pleased to announce the following winner of Net Control of the Year - CW awards tonight at the MARAC 50th anniversary national convention in Kansas City, MO. This winner was determined by a single nomination for this award made during the announced nomination period from 4/1 through 5/15/18. Since there were no other nominations received from other District Directors, there was no electronic vote conducted for all eligible members to vote on this award.

The winner is: N4CD (Bob Voss)

The nomination of N4CD for this award was received from N0KV (Barry Mitchell) who was the South Central District Director during the time the nomination process was in effect. Below is the justification submitted with the nomination:

"It is my pleasure to nominate Bob Voss, N4CD, as CW County Hunter of the Year. Bob also runs SSB.

In 2017, Bob ran 184 separate parks from 50% of TX to parks in NY, OH, VT, VA, TN,KY, IN, IL, etc. Bob ran over 300 counties during this time.

In 2018, he's run 116 different parks and well over 140 counties.

During the past year he ran 90% of the counties in OK.

He's put 35,000 miles on his car in the last year on county hunting/park trips.

In addition Bob gave a presentation in Dayton last year at the County Hunter Forum, at this year's MI Mini he gave a presentation on parks and at last year's National he held a CW meeting.

He also publishes the County Hunter Newsletter monthly.

Barry Mitchell
Director, South Central District"

Congratulations to N4CD for receiving this award and making these significant contributions to the county hunting and park activation communities during the designated year.

Call: N5MLP 10/6/2018

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