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Subject: Returned home last night from National. (More)

Message: Jack, Anita, and I returned home last night around 10:30 pm. We were trying to get home before the next hurricane arrives. It was a long trip as we lost 6 hours on first day of return trip to a flat tire on I35 north. We finally found a Walmart that had a tire that would fit as we were were running on one of those 50/50 tires. Lots of rain on return trip. I was able to make the necessary contacts for my MD run award except Ross, OH. I would like to thank many of you that worked me on the trip that allow me to run many of my MD run needs. Especially those MP and MD holders. We drove 3989 miles and ran many counties. I am sure we missed a few as we ran mostly 40 and 30 cw. I attempted to run several time of 40 ssb only to fine a county hunter calling CQ and working fixed counties. I tried to break in but he would not recognize me. I apologize to all the SSB operators but time was very limited per county. I hope I did help a few of you along the way with your needs. Thanks again everyone. KC3X

Call: KC3X 10/10/2018

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