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Subject: Thanks to those who spotted me when I had no cell coverage. (more)

Message: Unfortunately if the mobile is not spotted these days he/she will work no one. It was a struggle, my last trip, to get even 3 contacts on a band. If you work a /m one a band and you needed it, work them on the second band even if you do not need the county. I am afraid that fix station rely on someone to spot because what they are doing is more important than listening to the radio. I know when I am in front of the rig, I am constantly checking the frequencies that /m are like to be running on. When I hear someone I will spot them even if I don't need the county. Many times the /m will lose his cell tower and needs the help of fixed station. It is time for fix stations to support county hunting and stop relying on others to do the spots. If you work a /m from a spot then everyone is relying on you to spot the next /m. If you want to county hunt, spend quality time in front of the rig, work the /m and then spot them. Stop relying on spots to work usaca. If you are mowing grass or some other home project, then don't rely on someone to spot the /m so you don't miss one. (my 2 cents worth)

Call: KC3X 10/14/2018

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