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Subject: New Radio

Message: Announcing my new Yaesu FT-5000MP Limited which became my main station radio yesterday.

After 17 years my FT-1000MP Mark-V gave up the ghost Monday when I heard a "pop" and the power dropped to about 10 watts out. I suspected finals but after talking to a local service tech it could be a chip fuses that opened as there was just a "pop" with no smoke or odor. Rather than going through the expense and frustration I went through back in May when I had the first problem with the 1000MP, the $250.00 expense of shipping it anywhere, the 6 month wait for Burghardt to get to it and the almost $500.00 expense of repairs I decided it was time to retire the 1000MP and let it rest in peace in a corner of the room for now. I got to admit the radio did work well for the month and a half or so after I got it back but another different failure lead me not to put good money after bad. Perhaps I can find someone locally who may want to take a shot a fixing it or just sell it "as is" to recoup some losses. The receiver is great, the new LCD Display it bright and will drive you out of the room and it's full of filters, (5 of them). But now it's just a QRP radio.

Here's hopping the new radio serves me as well as the old one did!

-73- Al - N1API

Call: N1API 11/22/2018

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