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Subject: I have Windows 10 on 6 computers and like it very much

Message: I have Windows 10 on 6 computers and like it very much. Two came with Windows 10 and the others I upgraded from Windows 7 and 8. All work good, 10 is stable, supported and all programs work on it. I do have a program call "Classic" that makes the interface look and work more like Windows 7 and 8. I do not like the native interface with 10 and the Classic program has worked well. All programs I had installed on Windows 7 or 8 have worked just fine on Windows 10. I use Chrome for my browser and Mozilla Thunderbird for my email program.I find that most who hate Windows 10 say so due to what they have heard rather than from experience. That's my 2 cents worth, you can do what you choose.

Call: NFØN 11/29/2018

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