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Subject: Well I've tried every trick I know but just no go

Message: Those NYC counties continue to evade me. Perhaps if they were run at night on 40 meters I would have a slight chance but then again no guarantee.

I'm just going to have to hope to catch someone on 6 or 2 meters in the VHF contests to have a shot at them. I work the guys in Suffolk on 6 and 2 all the time in the contest and can usually hear Gene, NT2A when he's working mobiles on 20 meters. But of course he has a fixed setup.

I've even tried to work Ed in Suffolk from the club station which as a fan dipole and G5RV on 40 and 75 meters and still no luck. "Close In" is not good for us here, though our local repeater does get interference from the NYC repeater when 2 meters is open.

Frustrating to say the least.

Al - N1API

Call: N1API 5/26/2019

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