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Subject: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here's latest health fiasco for me: -- (more)

Message: My back situation is no longer front burner for me and Alice. Although I still live with daily pain in the lower back, my new Neurosurgeon who is handling the pump management has given me a new life. He's up in Memphis, TN which is a good 3hr ride each way. It's worth it. He is adjusting me to a new high concentrated formula of Morphine so I don't have to see him monthly. Currently it's every 3 months and soon to be once every 6 months. I still am prescribed daily Percocet to handle occasional "break away" pain. Now for the new #1 health issue. Can you spell Aneurysm? Yup! That's the new problem. I've been aware of this ugly puppy for around 10 years now. One of the back surgeons in Florida found it by accident while reviewing my back X-rays. Since then, I've had a Cardiologist on my team to watch it with CT scans and Ultra-sounds. It has been gradually growing and my last CT scan showed that it has hit the ugly size of 5cm, which is thought by many to be the danger zone. My cardiologist had a Vascular surgeon join my team a month ago. He doesn't monitor Aneurysm's annually. Minimum time lapse for him is 6months. After reviewing my file, he had me submit to a CT scan immediately. That's when the 5cm showed up. I meet with him tomorrow to assess the situation and evaluate a plan of attack to prevent the Artery from bursting! If that happens, he said survival is only 25%. NOT acceptable odds for me or Alice. I will provide you a follow up report tomorrow afternoon, after my consult with him. As always, because it works. Prayers are requested and will be appreciated. They worked for my back so, THANKS AGAIN... 73/88 to all, whichever is appropriate. p.s. Don't touch that dial!

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