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Subject: Aneurysm update following consult with CardioVascular Surgeon.. -- (more)

Message: What an adventure! After approx 2 hours with this guy, I feel like I'm being offered a new lease on a longer, stress less life. He confirmed that the Aneurysm is in fact 5cm and he feels that is the point of no return. That is because, some patients choose to stick their heads in the sand and do nothing. Hey idiot! the damned thing WILL eventually burst and beyond 5cm the graph climbs much more rapidly. The survival rate he quotes is less than 25% for a burst Aneurysm. Most of you who know me, I'm not in the "dummy" class. I'm opting for the preventive surgery option. I will undergo surgery to place a stent that catches the blood flow from the heart through the Aortic Valve and passes the blood flow to both lower extremities, (legs). The plan is set and surgery will probably be 7-10 days down the road. Sending my CT scan to the lab so that a precise fabrication of the stent to properly fit inside my Aortic Valve will be developed. Clearance from my Cardiologist and Pulmonologist and we're off to the O.R. My friends, I am serious when I say that I feel much more at ease, less stress, this evening than I did this morning. THANK EVERYONE for your prayers.

Call: WB4KZW 6/5/2019

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