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Subject: Aneurysm surgery results

Message: First of all let me thank Ed/KN4Y for the candle, and to Hollis for his personal prayer and wishes. To all that prayed for this ole guff, MANY HUGE THANKS. The surgery was a succcess. 3 hours on the table and I no longer have the impending fear of the Aneurysm collapsing on me. The surgery was 6/20 and I am still weak/tired, I think it's from the new pain med he has me on. Pretty good dose of Oxycontin which is much stronger than the back pain med I now take in addition to the Morphine from the pump. Doc says absolutely NO driving for 3 weeks, along with laying low and doing NOTHING. I heard that. WB4KZW/M will soon be rambling the roads putting out counties. Alice is mapping out a trip out West, then a trip to New England to visit what family I have left. I do have a grand-daughter in her 2nd year of studies at MIT. That'll be a thrill. I'll try to be more available on the nets to give other mobiles, and/or, fixed stations Lowends Cty/MS. If you need a mobile/mobile contact, and Alice isn't out shopping with the vehicle, I'll run out to the driveway and make it a 2-way mobile qso. 73 to all for now. Tnx for letting me ramble. Gene

Call: WB4KZW 6/26/2019

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