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Subject: The Upgraded Worked All Counties Application is operational

Message: After the Last County Awards, the Worked All Counties class of awards is the heart of the MARAC award system. As an example, these awards include the Second Time Around, the Worked all Counties CW and the Master's Gold Awards. For several years, there has been an online application submission form, which many hams have used to submit for there awards. Unfortunately, several weeks ago, our server stopped supporting a utility used by this page that allowed sending emails. Basically, the submission page stopped working, and I had to disable the page.

I have been working for some time with the Awards Secretary, Phil (AB7RW), to automate the processing of Worked All Counties applications. As part of this upgrade, I had redesigned the Worked All Counties Application to integrate it into the automatic process. I had elected not to use the server's email utility, but wrote my own emailer. I had almost completed the redesign of the application form when I had to remove the previous version of the application. I have since completed this upgrade, and have released it for use today.

While you can always use the old technique of mailing or emailing award applications, I encourage you to submit your Worked All Counties applications online using this form. The new application does a better job of informing you of specific requirements and prerequisite awards when submitting an application.

Currently, online applications are accepted for both the Last County award and the Worked All Counties class of awards. The applications can be found on the MARAC website under the "Awards" tab. This leaves only the Ran All State Award for transmitting from all counties in a state that must be submitted by mail or email. An online application for this award is my next project.

Call: K3IMC 6/29/2019

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