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Subject: Polaris award vs Logger

Message: Not sure if anyone has experienced calculation problems with the Polaris award in Logger. I have been tracking this award and was pleased when I thought I had achieved 500 one star contacts. When I sent the log in, I was told contacts only count from the time you have achieved WAC. As I reviewed my log, I found that logger counts all contact made with one star stations even before completing WAC. I am now going through the log and looking up each station individually and making a manual entry. Although, I am not completely through, is appears instead of having 500 I will have more then 500. My question is, has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to correct logger, so the award will calculate correctly? I tried recalculating the book which did not work. I would think, if logger does not calculate the WAC date, there would be a choice to enter the date for the log to calculate correctly. Any plans to fix this? Any thoughts? Ed N8OYY

Call: N8OYY 7/8/2019

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