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Subject: W6RK Spotting site

Message: Gene, the W6RK spotting site, is the lifeblood of County Hunting. With the various frequencies for running counties, the W6RK site let's you know where a mobile or special station is. Also MARAC Logger has an interface to the W6RK spot page, you can see from Logger what the recent spots are. You can also have the W6RK web page up to monitor and/or make spots for a mobile. So, for most county hunters, the W6RK site is what keep us informed and ready to pounce on a mobile. You were spotted 4 times today on your Memphis trip. Hope that helps a bit, my suggestion is to use the site, it works great and thanks to W6RK for making it available. Mike, NF0N

Call: NFØN 7/9/2019

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