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Subject: I wasn't clear Dragan (sorry). Bill apparently sends LOTW confirmations (more)

Message: when he works mobile stations (I was the one who was mobile in 2015) and for other operating events like QPs, NPOTA and such. And you are right, LOTW does not count for USA-CA, but there is still a very good reason for that.

The LOTW folks never figured out how to record an additional county in a single LOTW record (such as for county line contacts) and I believe this is the one single thing that holds up it's ability to be used for this award.

The way I personally record county line contacts is to enter them twice into my log separated by a minute so that they will each result in a separate contact for LOTW's purposes. This insures that both counties can be confirmed, but in order for it to work properly on LOTW, the QSO partner has to do the same thing.

Call: K2MF 8/3/2019

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