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Subject: It is entirely possible that even though Bill may participate on (more)

Message: county hunter frequencies as a mobile, portable and even a fixed station (from his home QTH when he is working mobiles), although he may collect counties himself, he may not be particularly interested in the USA-CA award, which is why he may not have a realization about the importance of MRCs or returning them to their senders. Of course, that notwithstanding, with the receipt of an SASE for any kind of QSL card, it does seem like he could take a few moments to sign a card and put it back in the mail.

I and another CW county hunter noticed yesterday that although Bill K8TE is a perfectly competant CW operator, he also may not be familiar with our QSP procedures. This may point to a simple lack of information about what is actually important to county hunters. I suspect that all it would take is for somebody to have a pleasant conversation in some manner with him.

Call: K2MF 8/3/2019

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