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Subject: Does anyone use mike socket on the IC-7100 for CW?

Message: On my IC-706 the outlet for a CW key was pretty lousy. I did solder a couple of connections that were not soldered but I still had to re-seat the plug often. Then I read the instructions (as a last resort), and found I could connect my K-5 keyer to pins 7 and 2 on the RJ45 mike socket, and that has worked for many years.
I tried the same cable on the IC-7100 but it didn't work. I only tried it on the remote head mike RJ45. Never thought about the one on the base unit.
Has anyone ever keyed the IC-7000 using the mike connection?
73, Norm, W3DYA

Call: W3DYA 8/13/2019

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