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Subject: DATELINE CW - By: Ed, KN4Y

Sweet day, cool, calm, bright, the mobile CW county hunter is on the prowl.

Well, whether we like it or not the month of September has arrived and another
distraction for CW mobile county hunters is to look out for school buses.
Starting the month is Labor Day when only a few do labor. I hear Gator’s 4X4 as
he downshifts and slides to a stop at the recycled railroad tie. He slides out of
the cab, slams the door, stops at the mailbox, and enters the radio shack
carrying the mail and a large white cardboard container. “Good morning Dude,
are you planning to do some labor on Labor Day?” Gator is laughing as he opens
the white cardboard container and hands me a latte. “Enjoy the moment Dude.” I
shake my head in agreement. Gator sits in the chair and turns on the computer.

In a few minutes Gator yells out, “Dude you did not get CW mobile of the year. I
just brought up the list.” “Well Gator you have to be a frequent CW mobile
operator to get that award.” “Picky, picky.” I am intrigued, “Gator who got the
CW mobile award?” Gator turns the screen in my direction, and I read:

First place CW Mobile of the year is Bob, N4CD. I shake my head in agreement.
“Makes sense. Every time I turn on the radio there is Bob calling. Before I forget,
check out my North American QSO party. I was on the Florida Contest Group team,
Orange Juice.” Gator is laughing as he brings up the North American QSO party log
module. Gator laughs, “Not bad Dude, you made 301 QSOs in the North American
QSO party, but your team, Orange Juice, was not number one.” I fake a sad look.

Gator is staring at the computer and gets a sad expression, “Dude did you know
John, KØIO?” I think for a minute. “Yes Gator, I remember working John back in
1999 in various contests. I do not think he was a MARAC member.” We turn the
volume down on the radio, dim the lights and bow our heads as Gator recites The
Shepherd’s Psalm.

Gator starts laughing, “Wow Dude, you made three QSOs in the Maryland-DC QSO
party. Looks like a winner.” I give a thumbs down. “No Gator my daughter and her
husband arrived, and I only got to operate for a few hours.” Gator shakes his head.
“Dude, you told me you planned to operate in the Russian District Award contest
from your mobile while at the bowling tournament in Hernando County. I see no
log.” I sip my latte. “Well Gator to make a short story long, when I arrived in
Hernando County the weather was horrible, with storming and possible flooding. I
stayed in the motel until it was time to bowl.”

Gator is not paying attention; he picks up an envelope off the pile of mail, takes
out his ivory handled switchblade and opens the envelope. “Dude in the XXIII
Marconi Memorial Contest you received a certificate of merit for Number 4, low
power in the USA. What is XXIII?” I ignore Gator and take another envelope off the
mail pile. “Gator I have no idea what XXIII means, here open this envelope.” Gator
takes his switchblade knife and slices open the envelope. “Dude you are fifth in
North America and number three in the United States in the UBA DX contest. I guess
not many United States radio operators worked that contest, at least not on low
power, and what has this to do with county hunting?” I shake my head in agreement
and again ignore Gator’s question.

“Dude let me ask you again, what happened at the senior center?” I laugh. “Gator, I
tried to tell you but…” CQ, CQ, CQ, goes Gator’s cell phone. Gator answers. “Sorry
Dude, I must eject pronto because a truck of corn came in full of rats.” He is gone
faster than Ed or Kerry running a county. I hear him yell, farewell Kirk. The printer
stops and I extract the printout listing of the mobile county hunters that checked
into the county hunters’ CW call frequencies during the month of August. I read:


The month of September is a bonanza for State QSO party activists with eight QSO
parties and a total of 684 counties are up for grabs. The list of fun includes the
Tennessee QSO party (95 counties), the Nebraska QSO party (93 counties), the
Alabama QSO party (67 counties), the Texas QSO party (254 counties), the Iowa QSO
party (99 counties), the New Jersey QSO party (21 counties), the Washington QSO
party (39 counties) also known as the Washington Salmon Run, and rounding out the
month is the Maine QSO party (16 counties). For the CW operators, operate in the
FOC QSO party and the CWops OPEN.

NOTE: KN4Y plans to operate mobile in the Alabama QSO party in the following
counties: Houston, Geneva, Covington, Conecuh, Monroe, Clarke, Marengo, Sumter,
Hale, Perry, Dallas, Lowndes, Crenshaw, Coffee, and Dale.

I am exhausted, Nap Time.

Call: K2MF 9/10/2019

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