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Subject: Thanks for the nice words. I know I'll miss it but it's no longer as much fun

Message: as it has been. It used to be easy; get on the road and call TX, pa, wv, md, ga, fl, ms, la, ar, ok, etc. and the world responded! You get the idea. But if you don't spot, you don't get much action.
Of course spotting isn't the only reason; it just isn't much fun any longer!
I can't complain about my health or the expense. I'm still feeling good and the major expense was motels... but I always looked for cheap ones. Back around 1970, expense was a major consideration, so I stayed close to home hi!
I will always remember the good guys who took the time to call... it was like a friendly gathering!
73, Norm, W3dYA

Call: W3DYA 9/15/2019

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