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Subject: trip (read)

Message: I hope I gave some of you a new one. It was very difficult sometime to get contacts on some of the frequencies because there were many areas of no cell coverage to spot myself. It is sad when the mobiles are left out in the cold because they cannot spot themselves. County hunting sure has digressed to the point, it is the mobiles responsibility to spot themselves so the fixed station can sit back and wait for the spots. There several counties that would have been missed on 40 meters if I did not go to 20 where someone would pick me up and spot me on 40 meters. I have been county hunting for 34 years and this new breed of county hunters are a spoon feed group. What did we do before cell phones. You fixed stations better wake up and smell the roses or it is the end of county hunting. If you cannot spend some time monitoring a frequency for the mobiles to run on, the mobiles will get to be less and you will have to work counties fixed stations to fixed stations. I realize we must shift around on 40 meters because no one wants to waste their valuable time listening around difference frequencies that the mobile may have to shift to do the use of 7188 by a non county hunting entity. Anyway thanks to all who pitched in and help WD4OIN and I out to have a fairly successful trip 73's KC3X

Call: KC3X 9/19/2019

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