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Subject: Latest update on my situation! -- more

Message: Spent the last week in the hospital again here in Columbus, MS. Just prior to this, I went to my Pain Manager Dr in Memphis, TN who has decided to remove the Morphine from the Pain Pump. He has replaced it with Dilauded. This is the usual pain medicine used in Emergency Rooms for Pain. It is 5 times as potent as Morphine. I was receiving 1.5mg of the Morphine daily from the pump. Because of the much stronger medicine. I am now programmed to receive o.3mg daily of the Dilauded. There are nasty side effects of Dilauded and I now carry NARCAN because one of the possible, drastic side effects of overdose on Dilauded can cause Death!!! Just got home from the hospital in Columbus because of another episode of being unable to breath. The ER imediatly ran blood tests, Chest Xrays, and a CT scan of the lower abdomen. The Xray only verified the seriousness of my lung problem(s). The CT scan showed Pneumonia in the lower lobes of both lungs. We caught it early this time. I know that some of you have kept me on your prayer list(s). In fact one of the Associate Ministers of my local Methodist Church stopped by and prayer with me during the week. Prayers work, Thanks..

Call: WB4KZW 9/29/2019

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