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Subject: Hi gang, Current health update, good news/bad news! - more

Message: Much anxiety relieved today from my Pulmanologist. The nodule(s) in my Right lung is NOT malignant. Cancer ruled out, albeit both lungs terribly diseased with Pulmanory Fibrosis. No treatment for this. All we can do is slow it down. Back situation took a turn for the worst! The Morphine wasn't doing the job so the doctor changed it out for Dilaudid. Went to see him Monday because pain relief was minimal. He was going to increase the dosage. The Dilaudid makes me terribly sleepy and light headed so he did NOT increase it, if fact he cut it in half. Scheduled me for 11/27 for another drug change in the pump. The new stuff is NOT covered by Medicare, therefore, Tricare won't pay anything either. It cost over $2,000 per month! In the meantime I must tolerate the crippling back pain until 11/27. He did increase my allotment of Percocet pain pills. 4 a day now. They provide some relief but I've devoloped tolerance to it. Slow to produce relief and short lived. This has been on horrible battle I could have never anticipated in younger years when I was robust. No mobile County Hunting for me for a while. We are still trying to arrange the Lewis & Clark expedition trip in the Spring. 73 - tnx for prayers. I know they help.

Call: WB4KZW 10/17/2019

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