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Subject: DATELINE CW - By: Ed, KN4Y for November, 2019

All the Counties and Parishes of the United States have been worked on Sideband.
Now accomplish the ultimate challenge and work all the Counties and Parishes on

I cannot sleep so I get dressed and head for the radio shack to check for any damage
caused by tropical storm Nestor. I walk around the area and do not see any obvious
damage, not even fallen limbs. The weather is a lot cooler and I go into the radio
shack and for a change do not turn on the air conditioner. I turn on the computer
and glance at the calendar and cannot believe it is the next to the last month of
the year. I also notice this is the month for elections, also Veterans Day and the
last Thursday of the month is Thanksgiving and I have two bowling tournaments.
I change the page on the calendar.

I hear Gator’s 4X4 downshift as he slides to a stop at the recycled railroad tie.
Gator slides out of the truck and heads for the radio shack, carrying a white
cardboard container. I start to salivate. Gator enters the shack. “Good morning,
Dude. I could not sleep so I stopped at the plant put my paper work to rest and
decided to bug you.” He starts laughing as he takes a super-sized latte out of the
white cardboard container and hands it to me. I think to myself, how did Gator
know I was here early? I close my eyes and sip the latte. Gator sits at the computer.

Gator starts laughing. “Dude, I see you operated in the California QSO party. Did
you have to get a California State permit to allow your radio signal to cross the
California State Line?” I laugh. “No, I saw no such requirement in the California
QSO party rules, but do not give the Governor any ideas. What are my final totals?”
Gator is looking at the California QSO party log. “Not bad Dude. You logged 145
QSOs but only worked 49 counties. Why did you not get all the counties?” I sip
my latte. “I did not operate Sunday and that is when I might have logged the other
counties. Full time operating is the secret for logging a high scoring QSO party.”

Gator is staring at the computer and gets a sad expression. “Dude, did you know
Alex K9FZ, Guy WB8RJW, Bunny N1FJR, and Bob N1HHW?” I think for a few
minutes. “Yes Gator, I worked Alex a few times in 2011. I do not think he was a
MARAC member. I did not work Guy and he was a MARAC member who operated
mostly Sideband. The same applies to Bunny and Bob. Both are MARAC members
who worked Sideband.” We turn the volume down on the radio, dim the lights
and bow our heads as Gator recites The Shepherd’s Psalm.

I hear the mail babe stop at the mailbox. “Gator, I am going to get the mail. Please
check out my Pennsylvania QSO party log.” I go out and retrieve the mail and
return to the radio shack. “Gator, I got two certificates. Here, zip them open.” I
hand Gator the envelopes. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his Redneck
Ivory handled switch blade and zips both envelopes open. He looks at the first one
and starts laughing. “Dude, you got 40th place, out of State, in the Maryland-DC
QSO party.” Tears are running down Gator’s eyes. I must also chuckle a little and
wonder how close I was to 39th. “Gator, what is the other certificate?” Gator
extracts the certificate. “Dude, this is a Certificate of Participation in the Kentucky
QSO party in case you forgot.” I wave Gator off. “Gator, check out my Arizona QSO
party.” Gator faces towards the computer and brings up the Arizona QSO party

“Dude, you made 15 QSOs and worked 10 counties. What is your excuse for the low
QSO rate?” I sip my latte. “Gator, as I said before I went up and down the bands
working stations as I heard them. I did not hear many Arizona stations. For instance,
if you check the Nevada QSO party log, I made only two QSOs and only one QSO in
the South Dakota QSO party, and no, I did not fall asleep.

“Dude, I remember you saying you were erecting a 10 meter vertical for the 10-10
International Fall CW QSO party. How did it function?” “Well Gator, I really do not
know. The 10 meter band never opened or if it did no stations were operating.”
Gator interrupts, “Dude, I just checked your 10-10 log and you only have two
contacts, both from Terry over in the next county. How long did you operate on 10
meters?” I finish my latte. “What happened Gator was it got very boring calling to
dead air, so I went to 20 and 40 meters every once in a while, and worked the New
York QSO party on Saturday and the Illinois QSO party on Sunday. Check them out.”

Gator brings up the two logs, “Not bad Dude. You made 36 contacts and worked 21
counties in the New York QSO party. Gator pauses. “You worked 61 QSOs and 32
counties in the Illinois QSO party. You know what they say: You do one QSO party
to the hilt or three QSO parties half asserted. By the way you worked 8 mobiles
in the Illinois QSP party. Bill, NUØQ was the only MARAC member. You worked 2
mobiles in the New York QSO party, and none are MARAC members.” Gator is
laughing hilariously.

“Dude, I am going to ask you one more time. What is your involvement with the
two dames at the senior center…” Gator’s cell phone goes CQ, CQ, CQ. He answers
and says, “Dude, I have to get to the back forty. Someone dumped a load of dog
and cat carcasses in the north corner of the back forty. The Health Center guy is
there.” He is gone faster than the distribution of Marana cigarettes. I hear him yell,
“Farewell, Rip Taylor!”

The printer starts and then stops. I extract the printout listing the mobile county
hunters that checked into the county hunters’ CW calling frequencies during the
month of October. I read:


It is another sad month for the State QSO party participants with none scheduled
for November, but the contest operators will have fun starting with the ARRL CW
Sweepstakes Contest (sort of like radio message handling), the OK/OM DX CW
Contest, the LZ DX Contest and the CQ Worldwide DX CW Contest. There are
more radio activities in November, but it is time for a nap.

Call: K2MF 11/1/2019

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