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Subject: Running mobile-more

Message: The past two days of running mobile has affirmed that for me it is no longer enjoyable. This self posting is not for me, I run singly, so I have to pull off to spot myself, then get going again. Most of the time when I don't spot but just come up on freq and QRZed, somebody will work me, but won't announce me or stick around for relays, and when checking later couldn't even post me. Bottom line the fun we used to have just ain't there no more, people in to big of a hurry to get to the next band much less help a mobile out(you know the folks that burn up cars, spend gas and motel bills to run these counties). So with that in mind my days of running counties is done. I'm going to become a computer watcher, when it tells me there a county I need is on I will get up from my chair walk to radio and work the county.

Call: KB6UF 11/17/2019

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