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Subject: The dynamics of county hunting have certainly changed over time. (more)

Message: Of that there is no doubt. But I also think there are cyclic, as well as social and technical forces at work which have contributed in multi-faceted ways to the reasons we see things as being different from the way they used to be. I have certainly observed lots of changes since I started county hunting in 1981. Some of them are for the better (e.g. there is a faster flow of information than there ever was before) and maybe some of them are not so good, but the one thing we can always count on is that there will be change over time and that things will not always evolve in a way that we like.

I completely understand Ron's frustration as an active mobile operator who goes out of his way to get to counties the hunters would like to work. It is not easy to spot every run yourself, particularly when you have to keep moving. And on the other hand, those who enjoy working those counties could be a little more proactive and try a little harder to spot mobiles when they hear them on our frequencies of interest. I try and do my part in that regard since my computer is located at my operating position and I keep a browser tab open to but not everyone is set up that way. So we all do what we can do.

Tools that have been developed for the mobile operator really do help (like Kraig KA2LHO's MoSpot "app" which is hands down easier to manipulate on a small, handheld device than it is to mobile spot directly on W6RK) but it is still a challenge to do it while moving and when you are operating solo. And it also seems like the days of people having the recreational time to sit in front of the radio for long hours monitoring for mobiles are also over. It seems that, along with our relatively new abilities to have instant access to information, we also have much greater problems of managing our time with our families, our jobs and our other activities. It is a real quandry for both the mobile operator and the county hunter.

So this is the hobby we have today, for better or for worse. Ron, I hope you will consider staying active as a mobile operator and perhaps it is ok not to be omnipresent on all bands in all counties, which might take a bit of the load and burden off. Thank you for all that you do and have done for amateur radio and the sport we know as county hunting.

Call: K2MF 11/18/2019

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