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Subject: The technology has contributed to the problem...BUT

Message: Lets go back a few years to when many of us were "radio-active" and were rebuffed because of personal problems with one NC.... YES... JIM AGAIN... I can think of quite a few who are still alive and have left the hobby because no body would stand up to the bully crap he pushed out over the air and many who drove thousands of miles and gave thousands of contacts were rebuffed..... no one out there would stand up for them.... and they just left the hobby..... so you reap what you sow..... I miss the hobby and the many friends I made and the many conventions and eyeball qsos while out giving contacts from 49 states.... ( only Hawaii is lacking) . but without support.... the fun goes out of it. And it is easy to find many other hobbies and things to do that fill my time..... You lost the most valuable thing that made the hobby fun.... and that was the people who loved it who were pushed out because of one person..... Good Luck on bringing them back now..... the technology has passed me by and I have no interest in "automatic contact" modes . I still recall the days when a " 1 Ringer" was a display of technology as well as friendship. I confess to missing that.

Call: KA3DRO 11/18/2019

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