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Subject: With you there, brother (more)

Message: What he sez is why you don't hear me on HF any more. While I will give anyone a contact for where I am... when I call and call and call and hear nothing is usually when I turn off the ham radio and turn on the car radio and "beat feet" for my destination. Okay... okay... I'm running the SAME counties when going to NJ or to Dayton... but that's just the way it is now a-days. No special trips anymore because of the (un)usual lack of interest. I still need to run one or two in SE OHIO for new transmit counties but not worth the effort if no one will come back to my QRZs. The Colorado has 235K miles... so I'm retiring it after a recent repair where me and my mechanic were fearful of finding a needed part. So I'm shifting over to our GMC Sierra which is NOT HF equipped and may not if I can not find a Tarheel mount for $150 or less. Please note... I've attended the last TWO Daytons in the Sierra. No regrets not having HF. Oh well...

Call: WA4UNS 11/18/2019

Email direct response to sample@email.tst

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