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Subject: My 2 cents worth

Message: I understand all of the problems we've had over the years. The point is, we have to build from here and make it better for the new County Hunters, which are not joining our ranks very quickly. As far as operating from home, I am guilty sometimes of not spotting a mobile just because I didn't need them for an award or was just too lazy. I will try to improve. As far as operating mobile (which I try to do as often as I can), I do spot myself if I have cell service. I stop to operate. I do not give out counties on the fly. I still log with paper. Okay, here's one of my pet peeves. As you CW op's have noticed, I probably ID TOO OFTEN. But I want all the listeners to KNOW what county is being run and by whom. There are a few ops who show up sign their call and county ONCE and assume that everyone can copy 599. QSB, QRM and other things prevent a full copy all the time. That is the reason I ID so often. Enough said. Off my soapbox. Tnx & CU on the road.

Call: W8OP 11/19/2019

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