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Subject: I got 1228 May 2012

Message: There have been 40 new USA-CA awards since 2012 when I got mine #1228. As for why.....I think most of us know. When you chase off anyone new, the rest of the crowd just just gets older. NU0Q was the only mobile out running last weekend. Even in the winter years ago there was far more interest and activity. Most of the active people have most of the awards and only need Mobile Diamond and there are just a few people that are good for that so you don't hear much from them. FT4/FT8 is super popular with a few of us. Parks on the Air is pretty new. They have over 3500 active people. The pileups this weekend for them were huge on 40m for hours. People are excited to go to a park and setup. Why? Maybe because they have their own log database and awards are issued automatically. Activators upload and chasers get credit. POTA activators and chasers are all ages and activators use mobile outfits or will sit at a park for days with really good antennas. One guy worked over 1000 people from a SC park and worked 450 plus counties. Long gone are the days when you could run a county for 10 minutes and have to get moved. OH....POTA does not use a net. No need. They self spot on their own system. Many of these same suggestions were made by me and others and shot down because of fear of change.

Call: WMU 1/6/2020

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