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Subject: Much to my chagrine, Ham radio is changing.....

Message: Due to "health" reasons (heart attack and lung cancer) over the past 10 years, I have had to give up most of the county hunting that I loved which was the mobile part... I have tried to sell the HF Mobile antenna parts (from 2 vehicles) and have absolutely ZERO BUYERS that have even asked about the stuff... I ask a local club about what was going on and it's "all digital"... these kids are buying the equipment to talk to each other ON A COMPUTER...! They have programs that will actually work CW FOR YOU WHILE YOU EAT DINNER....!!! You can talk to another ham clear across the country "thru your computer" (it's called REMOTE OPERATION) and work another station half way around the world that you can't even hear on your radio...! UHF/VHF is going digital... My two meter rigs won't even talk to anyone anymore... I don't see it ever coming back... it's so sad.... 73's Don AE3Z

Call: AE3Z 1/6/2020

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