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Subject: KA9PZS - Silent Key - long gone. Rework those counties

Message: At some point, it looked like KA9PZS was running counties from near his home QTH. You could ask him on a weekend for a county 500 miles away, and he would tell you he just had to go that way on Wednesday and would get it for you. He'd show up one county away**, and tell you he'd be in the county shortly. He wasn't. Seems he made a trip to town on Wednesdays and would run counties all over MN that day - depending who needed what. If you would call him an hour later at home, he'd be back at home. He'd only run two counties most trips it seemed. If someone else asked him next weekend for a county 400 miles the other direction, miraculously he would be going that way next Wednesday. That went on for years and years - and many realized he was nowhere near those counties. He's one of a handful of folks gone bad (or bad since day one).....and they would sign MRCs.

Call: N4CD 3/9/2020

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