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Subject: Help! I am looking for someone who runs MARAC Logger on a Windows 7 computer

Message: You may know that I am K8EMS are working on creating a new Logger 2 to replace the current Logger. We have competed major portions of the new code. We are both using a Windows 10 computer, and we are looking for someone who is using a Windows 7 computer to run MARAC Logger. Basically, we need to know if there are any compatibility issues with Logger 2 when running on a Windows 7 machine. What we are looking for someone who is willing to help us by running a development version to test if there are any compatibility issues associated with Windows 7.

With you help we will create a stand-alone folder on your computer, and place into it copies of the new code, as well as copies of your existing MARAC database. We will not modify any of your existing database, or corrupt any of you existing MARAC operation.

If you are willing to help, email directly using the email below, or send me a message to

Call: K3IMC 5/6/2020

Email direct response to

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