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Subject: Bill: Ten meters here in upstate NY is defunct...! I haven't been able to check into the.....

Message: 10-10 net in years... I used to run a Ten Meter ARES Net in Va. Beach and we had check-ins from all over the world. hi... I mailed all the logs to the 10-10 International a couple months ago... They were pretty faded but, readable... Days long gone...!! My first contact on 10 meters in 1972 (I finally bought a rig with 10 meters on it... Hallicrafters SR-160) was VPELAW. He explained the whole 10-10 thing and I was off and running... hi..., Thanks for the memories.. I see I also worked W0OWY about the same time.... Don

Call: AE3Z 6/14/2020

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