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Subject: IMPORTANT!!! I am creating a group text I can send...

Message: IMPORTANT!!! I am creating a group text I can send out when start each run on 14.056.5. Will not resend each time I change bands so be awake. Keeping usual rotation 20cw, 20ssb, 30, 40cw, 7181. Will add every county hunter I have a cell number for. Please do not respond to the group text if you can as EVERYONE will be getting your comments and donít wNt to give anyone a headache. :) Also, may not have cell coverage in some places so beat bet is to monitor your radios. If you arenít sure if I have your cell and want to be added to list please text me your number. Good luck!

Call: W4SIG 7/27/2020

Email direct response to

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