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Subject: Being spotted is a double-edged sword.

Message: Without spotting, it's often hard to work anyone. When you are spotted, it seems one almost always gets someone who calls blind. When you send someone's call half a dozen times with a report and get no response, it's pretty obvious they didn't hear you in the first place. When two come back to a report and you (the mobile) know that ONE of them didn't really work you, what is one supposed to do? Often the mobile (speaking for myself) doesn't even know who the other station was. You can say, "AS AS That was for W9XXX QRZ?" but it seldom results in the second station calling. This isn't a matter of life or death, but it's aggravating. Rant over. 73, Jim N9JF

Call: N9JF 9/1/2020

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